Use case: Product strategy

Product planning

Use Sapeum to cleanly and defensibly choose what features to work on, driven by customer feedback from your interviews and notes, and ultimately by customer needs.


Using Sapeum for note-taking results in shorter prep and review, and consistency and best practices, for:

  • customer interviews
  • market interviews
  • focus groups
  • feedback from CX emails/transcripts/chatbots, social media, etc


Using Sapeum for quick analysis pulls out insights like:

  • top customer pain points
  • top customer feature requests
  • key topics within product feedback, broken out by feature
  • usability issues

1. Define and prioritize customer needs

Customer needs


2. Define a hierarchical feature backlog

Feature nesting


3. Map features to customer needs

Feature digests


4. Use a template (i.e. a script) to begin capturing and tagging interviews and feedback



Reference tags


5. Review customer pain points

Digest pain points


6. See all positive and negative feedback by feature

Feature digests


7. Adjust your product strategy based on this new data