Documents and insights

This smart document center helps you to collect and summarize your endless firehose of notes. Pull in unstructured notes, interviews, reports, customer emails, and any other documents. Use Tags and smart insights to highlight key portions, such as necessary followups during a long, busy meeting. You can define and follow a script, or even sync automatically with Zapier, Slack, and Google Docs. Later, you can see summaries of your notes according to your tags and highlights, or even according to Sapeum's natural language analysis. Your team will never again miss a followup or forget a customer insight.

There are 4 important views:

  1. Docs & notes: this is where you can see the list of your documents.
  2. Editor: this is the way to edit documents, once you click on a document.
  3. Digests: this is where document summaries ("digests") are created.
  4. Key tags: this is where the most crucial hashtags are defined and given keyboard shortcuts.

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