Use case: Expert interviews


Using Sapeum for note-taking results in shorter prep and review, and consistency and best practices, for:

  • expert interviews
  • market interviews
  • customer interviews


Using Sapeum for quick analysis pulls out insights like:

  • key market drivers
  • industry trends
  • top customer perspectives


1. (optional) Start with a template



2. Highlight and tag notes during (or after) an expert interview



Spend 30min training the team to use only these 5 tags (for instance):

Tag Description
Highlight Important takeaway that belongs in Executive Summary
#pain A customer or industry pain
#key-driver A key market driver
#trend An important market trend
#followup A post-interview followup item


3. Create and share a quick summary of learnings from a single interview

Executive summary


4. Review #idea and #pain from experts

Digests by key tags


5. Auto-detect key topics, and filter down to #key-driver only, and split by expert

Positive feedback by month

Digest graph