November 10, 2021

Tag helper in editor

There's a new "tag helper" for quick tagging! Click the tab on the right side of the editor to see it.

Any top tags, mentions, and internal links from your docs will show, as well as any "key tags" you've defined (and their keyboard shortcuts).

To add a tag from the sidebar, click on it, and it will be inserted into the document at the end of the sentence you're currently in.

If you select a whole bunch of text in the editor before clicking a tag in the sidebar, you'll actually add that tag to all the sentences within that text. Try it out!

Tag helper

There are 3 types of tags you can insert into your sentences: hashtags, mentions, and internal links (enterprise plans only).

Tag helper hashtags

Tag helper mentions

Tag helper links

Unified, adjustable sidebar

The sidebar has been cleaned up and is now accessed via the "tabs" on the right hand side of your screen.

The first tab is the "tag helper" described above. The second tab is the document summary.

The sidebar is also now adjustable

Sidebar hidden

Unified sidebar


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