Use case: Customer interviews


Using Sapeum for note-taking results in shorter prep and review, and consistency and best practices, for:

  • customer interviews
  • market interviews
  • focus groups


Using Sapeum for quick analysis pulls out insights like:

  • top customer pain points
  • top customer feature requests
  • key topics within product feedback, broken out by feature
  • usability issues

Product planning

Use Sapeum to cleanly and defensibly choose what features to work on, driven by customer feedback from your interviews and notes, and ultimately by customer needs.


1. (optional) Start with a template



2. Highlight and tag notes during (or after) a customer interview



Spend 30min training the team to use only these 5 tags (for instance):

Tag Description
Highlight Important takeaway that belongs in the interview summary
#pain A customer or industry pain
#idea A feature idea that the interviewee mentions
#positive Positive feedback about us
#negative Negative feedback about us (or bug)
#followup A post-interview followup item


3. Create and share a quick summary of learnings from a single interview

Executive summary


4. Review #idea and #pain from customers

Digests by key tags


5. Auto-detect key topics, and filter down to #positive feedback only, and split by segment

Positive feedback by month

Digest graph


5. Add your feature backlog - to enable tagging and analyzing feedback by feature

Feature nesting

Reference tags

Feature digests