Docs & notes

Clicking on Docs & notes will take you to a list of all the documents for your team or project.


Creating new documents

Click "+ New" to create a new document. This will bring you to the Editor page for a blank, unsaved document.


Importing from other services

Sapeum integrates simply with other services like Google Docs, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more, learn more here.

Importing articles via their URL Beta only

Click "From URLs" to open an interface to add many documents at once, by their URLs. This can greatly speed up the importing of online articles as documents (but note that it will not work for paywalls or restricted content)



Make sure you have one URL per line.

You can also add document tags to every single one of the docs created from these URLs, by typing them under "Document tag(s) for created docs" - but remember to separate them with a space.

Lastly, you can share docs with your team, or keep them private to you, using the checkmark at the bottom.

Interacting with the document table

Document title

Each document's title is in the first column of the documents table.

Document status

Sometimes, there will be a "status" badge just to the left of the title, with meanings corresponding to the below:

Status Badge Description
Analyzing img_62.png Document is being analyzed by Sapeum's AI
Draft img_63.png Document was autosaved, but not completed
Script img_60.png Document was marked as a script, and may be cloned using the + button
Templated img_61.png Document was created from a template, per the above
Retrieving img_64.png Document is being retrieved from URLs, see here

Document dates

Document dates are defined when documents are saved for the first time.

You can only change a document's date from the list view. Click on the date to show a calendar, and then select a date.


Document visibility

A document may be private to you, or shared with your team. Learn how to change document visibility in the Sapeum editor. An indicator of this is shown in the "Visible?" column:

Private to you: img_67.png

Visible to your whole team: img_65.png

Document tags

Document tags are tags that you can add to the top of a document, to help with sorting and analysis, learn more here.

The final column of the documents table shows the document tags.


Editing documents

On the Docs & notes page, click any document. This will bring you to the Editor.



Every document can be treated as a template, or a "script", both to save time copying during interviews, and to summarize answers later by interview question. Learn more here.