April 29, 2021

Digest graph

Now in the Digests tab, you can show results as a graph instead of just as text. For all types of Digests (except when "Rows are Documents") you can click the graph icon to turn the results into a graph.

The graph shows the counts of sentences that match all the filters, broken down by row. For instance, if each row is a Feature, and if the filter is "#pain", then the graph will show the count of "#pain" sentences for each Feature.

You can sub-segment each bar by choosing something in the "Digest by..." dropdown.

Digest graph

Natural language filtering

Now you can filter by automatically detected linguistic components of documents. You can filter sentences by:

  • Positive sentiment (e.g. "Becky feels happy")
  • Negative sentiment (e.g. "Bob feels unhappy")
  • Containing quotes
  • Containing stats
  • Containing emails
  • Containing URLs
  • Is start of a paragraph
  • Is in a bulleted list
  • Is in the first level of a bulleted list
  • Is in the second level of a bulleted list (i.e. "sub-bullet")

NLP filtering


  • Document and reference tag searching now is much more accurate
  • Numerous others