January 28, 2021

Granular role-based access

All objects are now secured in a granular manner (using the new permissible library).

Digests in documents

In the editor, open the new Digest sidebar to see a summary of the sentences by key tag/highlight.

Digest sidebar

Tag auto-complete

Type # or @ in the editor to open an autocomplete menu of tags and team members to mention.

Tag autocomplete

Rich status updates for Objectives, Initiatives, and Experiments

Can now add status updates (in simple, advanced, numerical, and full formats) to Objectives, Initiatives, and Experiments.

Can also now search Initiatives and Experiments.

Experiment status update

Sentence-level tagging and highlighting

  • Shortcuts can now apply highlighting and tags to large chunks by selecting the text and then pressing the shortcut (e.g. Ctrl + M for highlighting)
  • This behaves intelligently: tags and highlights will be applied to entire sentences, and not just to the selected text

Multi sentence processing

Responsive modules

  • Initiatives Module and Documents Module are now responsive


  • Numerous