The Sapeum Suite is a software tool to make strategic planning and insights simple and accountable. We made Sapeum to help businesses make better decisions, faster - and with less overhead.

The Sapeum Suite has 5 modules:

  • Documents and insights
    • Gather notes, interviews, research, reports, emails, and any other text, and turn them into digestible insights in a flash.
  • Product strategy
    • Establish a principled and defensible product strategy, deriving features and roadmaps from customer knowledge and customer needs.
  • Business strategy
    • Continuously establish and achieve measurable goals, and transparently prioritize the initiatives to attain them most efficiently.
  • Experiments
    • Define and run short experiments in any function, from marketing to operational processes, iterating on hypotheses to maximize your speed.
  • Secondary research
    • Pull in public information from company websites, press releases, industry publications, regulatory filings, government updates, and more, to automate secondary research insights - your one-click analyst report.

How these modules connect to your work

Each of these modules can function independently, or in concert with the others.

Sapeum map

Table of contents